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Root Canal Therapy El Segundo, CA

Are you experiencing pain, swelling, or intense tooth sensitivity? These symptoms could be from an infected or decaying tooth. At El Segundo Modern Dentistry and Orthodontics, we understand how distressing this can be, and your comfort and oral health are our first priority. A tooth infection can lead to disease and even a necessary tooth extraction. Our expert root canal treatment will remove the infection and, in most cases, save your tooth and restore your peace of mind.

What Is a Root Canal from El Segundo Modern Dentistry?

A root canal procedure involves our dentist professionally removing infected or decayed tissue from your tooth. This procedure can be critical for preserving your oral health, and in most cases will spare your tooth from removal. Our office offers several sedation options to make sure you are comfortable during your visit. We are proud to offer one of the gentlest and quickest root canal procedures by using the most advanced technology, equipment, and techniques.

Who Needs a Root Canal from El Segundo Modern Dentistry?

Patients who are experiencing a tooth infection or inflamed pulp are good candidates for root canals. Root canals are designed to help save teeth that would otherwise die or need a painful tooth extraction. Stopping an infection before it spreads is essential to the oral and physical health of the patient.

Root Canal in El Segundo CA
Root Canal Therapy in El Segundo CA

What Are Symptoms that I Might Need a Root Canal?

Patients who need a root canal will begin to experience symptoms of pain and discomfort. Cracked teeth, large cavities, or problems with a filling can be the first signs that root canal treatment is needed. Here are a few additional signs and symptoms to watch for:

  • The formation of pimples on the gums
  • Extreme pain during activities like chewing and biting
  • Teeth that are chipped or crack
  • Pain throughout the oral cavity
  • Uncomfortable sensations in response to hot and cold temperatures
  • Gums that are swollen, tender, or painful
  • Gums that are turning a dark color
  • Visible signs of deep decay

What Are the Benefits of a Root Canal from El Segundo Modern Dentistry?

Root canals can ultimately save teeth. Here are several benefits of root canal treatment:

  • Relieves any pain, swelling, or sensitivity to hot and cold you may be experiencing
  • Preserves your tooth and saves it from invasive tooth extraction
  • Saves you extra time and money for future dental work to replace an extracted tooth
Root Canal Benefits in El Segundo CA
Root Canal Benefits in El Segundo CA

What Is Involved in a Root Canal Treatment?

Your initial consultation will include an x-ray and examination. Dr. Omid Barkhordar will then determine the level of decay or infection present and will work with you to choose the best treatment option for your tooth.

During the root canal procedure, our highly experienced Dr. Barkhordar will carefully clean out any decay, bacteria, and infected soft tissue from the root canal site. The area will then be sealed to keep out any bacteria and debris using a specialized sealing paste and dental compound. The top of the tooth will be treated with a filling, custom matched to the color of your natural teeth. A dental crown may be fitted if necessary to restore function to the tooth.

Will I Be in Pain?

Patients may intuitively wish to avoid root canals due to anticipated discomfort. However, the infection will continue to cause pain and devastating oral and physical health effects until it is addressed. In the hands of a professional, root canal treatments do not compare to the pain of the infected tooth, and our experienced office ensures patients remain comfortable during and after the root canal.

What Should I Expect After Receiving a Root Canal at El Segundo Modern Dentistry?

It is normal for patients to experience lingering numbness, soreness, or mild discomfort several days after the root canal. However, we have sedation options that help keep patients comfortable during the procedure, and over-the-counter medications can be taken after. In some cases, we may prescribe additional medications to relieve pain or an antibiotic to keep bacteria at bay.

Root Canal Symptoms in El Segundo CA

How Much Does a Root Canal in El Segundo, CA Cost?

The cost of a root canal may vary due to your unique needs. Dental insurance may lessen this cost, and our office in El Segundo, CA also provides patients with easy financing and payment plans!

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