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Are you suffering from tooth decay? Composite fillings are a natural-looking option for restoring both the functionality and the beautiful appearance of your teeth. At El Segundo Modern Dentistry and Orthodontics, we understand how important it is to have a smile you can be proud of. While metal fillings restore the performance of your teeth, they can also be visible and unsightly. We offer the highest quality composite fillings, so you can treat your tooth decay while keeping your natural, stunning smile.

What Are Composite Dental Fillings from El Segundo Modern Dentistry?

A composite filling is a tooth-colored mixture, made from our high-quality acrylic plastic and quartz, that fills in a gap in your tooth left by dental decay. Our state-of-the-art composite material is expertly matched to the natural color of your teeth and provides a long-lasting hold. Composite fillings also eliminate any health concerns that may be present with using metal fillings.

What Does El Segundo Modern Dentistry Use Composite Fillings to Treat?

El Segundo Modern Dentistry and Orthodontics uses composite fillings to treat cavities, chipped teeth, broken teeth, worn-down teeth, and gaps between the teeth. Composite fillings are safe, effective, and affordable options when it comes to treating and restoring teeth. They are also a more natural option for individuals wanting to avoid metal fillings.

Composite Fillings in El Segundo CA
Composite Fillings benefits in El Segundo CA

How Durable Are Composite Fillings from El Segundo Modern Dentistry?

Proper care and good oral hygiene can prolong the lifespan of a composite filling for up to a decade. Although some other options may last longer, composite fillings are safe and look natural. Thus, many patients prefer composite fillings.

What Are the Benefits of Composite Fillings from El Segundo Modern Dentistry?

Composite fillings are a popular choice for patients who want to preserve or restore their teeth. Here are several benefits of utilizing composite fillings from El Segundo Modern Dentistry and Orthodontics:

  • Helps prevent your tooth from decaying
  • Protects your tooth from invasive debris and bacteria
  • Gives your teeth a more even and polished appearance
  • Long-lasting results with proper dental care

What is the Process for Placing a Composite Filling at El Segundo Modern Dentistry?

Our highly experienced Dr. Omid Barkhordar will assess your individual needs and work with you to develop a customized treatment plan. To place the fillings, we will first gently remove any decay, bacteria, and debris at the treatment site. Next, we fill the spaces left by the dental decay with our special dental adhesive and composite material. We will then use our cutting-edge composite bonding material to stabilize the filling. You will now be able to eat, speak, and smile with confidence!

Composite Fillings care in El Segundo CA
Composite Fillings care in El Segundo CA

How Can I Take Care of My Composite Fillings?

One of the best ways to care for composite fillings is to maintain a thorough oral hygiene regimen, as well as keep up with regular dental exams and cleanings. In addition, it is best to avoid hard foods when possible. If you catch yourself grinding, using a mouthguard can help prevent wear and tear. Diet also plays an integral role in oral health, and a reduced sugar intake can keep cavities at bay.

How Much Are Composite Fillings in El Segundo, CA?

Composite fillings vary in cost, depending on the number of fillings needed, where they are located, the damage they are being used to treat, and so forth. Dental insurance may also affect the cost of composite fillings. Our California office will be happy to estimate a more exact cost for you. We also offer easy financing and payment plans to help provide affordable dental care!

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