Oral Surgery El Segundo CA

Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery El Segundo, CA

Oral surgery is any surgery that involves the head and neck, including the jawbones, jaw joints, soft tissues, and teeth. Oral surgery in El Segundo may be recommended to improve your oral health, prepare you for other dental procedures, or to prevent tooth loss.

Types of Oral Surgery Procedures

Here are some of the most common oral surgery procedures your El Segundo dentist performs.

Simple Extractions

During this procedure, your dentist will use forceps to gently rock a tooth out of its socket. Simple extractions are necessary if you:

  • Have deep dental decay and can’t afford a root canal.
  • Have a loose tooth due to severe gum disease.
  • Have crowded teeth and want to go through orthodontic treatment.

Surgical Extractions

A surgical extraction is necessary when a tooth is impacted or is so damaged that it’s impossible to use forceps alone. Your El Segundo dentist will use a scalpel to create an incision to expose the tooth’s root(s), so they can more easily remove the tooth.

Oral Surgery El Segundo CA
Oral Surgery in El Segundo CA

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Another common oral surgery procedure is wisdom tooth extractions. Most people don’t have enough room in their mouths for their wisdom teeth to erupt fully. Others can’t thoroughly clean their wisdom teeth. To prevent dental decay, periodontal disease, and root and bone resorption, it’s often best to remove the wisdom teeth.

Dental Implant Surgery

Oral surgery also involves implant procedures. A titanium post is placed into the jawbone and acts like the root of a tooth. A dental crown is placed over the implant so that it looks and functions like a natural tooth.

Periodontal Surgery

Periodontal surgery is for patients with advanced periodontal disease. In these cases, the gum pockets around their teeth are so deep that they can’t keep them clean. They likely have also experienced some bone loss.

Surgery is needed to save the teeth. During this surgery, they’ll remove some gum tissue to create shallow pockets, making it easier to practice good oral hygiene at home.

This type of surgery can help prevent tooth loss.

What Can You Expect from Your Oral Surgery Appointment?

During your appointment, your El Segundo dentist will make sure you’re sedated (if you’ve opted for sedation). Then, they’ll numb the treatment area.

When your surgery is complete, your dental team will review post-op instructions with you to ensure you heal as quickly and experience as little discomfort as possible.

Does Your El Segundo Dentist Offer Sedation Options?

Yes, we offer three sedation options to increase your comfort and decrease anxiety around your procedure. These include:

  • Oral sedative medication
  • Nitrous oxide gas
  • IV sedation (general anesthesia)

If you’re interested in sedation, we’re happy to discuss which option is best.

Oral Surgery El Segundo CA
Oral Surgery in El Segundo CA

Does Oral Surgery Hurt?

We will thoroughly numb your teeth, gums, and jawbone, so you don’t experience any pain or discomfort during your procedure. At most, you’ll feel pressure, but you should not experience pain.

The body reacts to surgical treatments as an injury. Therefore, you’ll experience some inflammation, soreness, and possibly some pain and swelling. Some things that can reduce your post-oral surgery discomfort include:

  • Ice packs
  • A soft diet
  • Warm saltwater rinses (if approved by your dentist)
  • Anti-inflammatory medications (if medically approved)
  • Prescribed or over-the-counter pain medications (if medically approved)
  • Lots of rest

How Much Does Oral Surgery in El Segundo Cost?

The cost of treatment varies depending on your needs and the type of procedure you’re having. Sedation can increase the total fee, for example.

Before your appointment, your El Segundo dental team will discuss all your needs and the associated costs. They’ll also give you an estimate of insurance coverage and your out-of-pocket cost. Additionally, they’ll break down their payment plans and inform you of outside financing options.

Oral Surgery Can Help Improve Your Oral Health

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