Soft Tissue Grafting  El Segundo CA

Soft Tissue Grafting

Soft Tissue Grafting El Segundo, CA

Advanced periodontal disease affects the look of your smile and can lead to the loss of teeth and bone as well as gum tissue. One way to replace the gum tissue that has been destroyed by gum disease is through the use of soft tissue grafting. We’re happy to offer this restorative option for our patients at El Segundo Modern Dentistry and Orthodontics.

What Is Soft Tissue Grafting?

When you have advanced periodontal disease, your gums recede from your teeth, weakening them and making tooth loss more likely. Soft tissue grafting is a surgical procedure that replaces some of this lost gum tissue by taking tissue from elsewhere and grafting it onto the affected area. The result is more gum tissue and stronger teeth. It also makes your smile look better.

What Are the Types of Soft Tissue Grafts?

There are several different types of soft tissue grafts: connective tissue grafts, pedicle grafts, free gingival grafts, and donor grafts. The primary difference between them is the origin of the tissue used for the graft.

What Is a Connective Tissue Graft?

This is the most common type of soft tissue graft. A connective tissue graft uses tissue from the roof of your mouth as the grafting material.

What Is a Pedicle Graft?

This is an option mainly used for cosmetic procedures when you have a lot of excess gum tissue in the area. It uses gum tissue instead of tissue from elsewhere in your mouth to make the graft.

Soft Tissue Grafting  El Segundo CA
Soft Tissue Grafting  El Segundo CA

What Is a Free Gingival Graft?

A free gingival graft is similar to a connective tissue graft but is slightly more invasive. A cut is made into the roof of your mouth, but rather than using the surface tissue for the graft, the tissue to be used is cut from inside the roof of your mouth. This results in a stronger craft.

What Is a Donor Graft?

A donor graft is a soft tissue graft that uses donated tissue from a donor rather than from your own mouth. These tissues come from a variety of sources. Speak with someone in our El Segundo office if you’re interested in this option.

Is Soft Tissue Grafting Painful?

The procedure itself is painless. Local anesthesia is used to keep you comfortable during the procedure. You may experience some discomfort around the site where the tissue was extracted for a few days following the graft. This pain can usually be handled by over-the-counter pain relievers.

How Long Is the Recovery Time After Soft Tissue Grafting?

It takes one to two weeks to recover from your operation. Our staff will give you detailed instructions to follow to care for your graft during this time. You’ll also be restricted in the types of foods you can eat until you’re fully healed.

How Do I Know if a Soft Tissue Graft Is Right for Me?

The first step is to come into El Segundo Modern Dentistry and Orthodontics for a consultation. After our dentist examines you, we’ll create a detailed treatment plan that includes recommendations for the best way to treat your periodontal disease and restore your smile.

Soft Tissue Grafting Procedure  El Segundo CA

How Much Does Soft Tissue Grafting Cost?

The price varies based on the type of graft, the extent of the surgery required, and other factors. Your dental insurance may or may not cover a good portion of your costs. We’ll go over finances and the cost breakdown during your consultation. We offer multiple financing options if you need help paying for your dental treatment.

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