Periodontics Treatment El Segundo CA

Periodontal Treatment

Periodontal Treatment El Segundo, CA

Periodontal disease, which you probably have heard referred to as gum disease, is a rampant problem in the United States and is one of the leading causes of tooth loss. It’s caused by a bacterial infection in your gums. We offer many types of periodontal treatment in our El Segundo dentist office.

What Is Periodontal Treatment?

Periodontal treatment is any type of treatment designed to reverse or mitigate the effects of periodontal disease on your teeth and gums. The earliest stage of periodontal disease, known as gingivitis, can often be reversed, but the more advanced stages require management.

What Are the Types of Periodontal Treatment?

There are several different methods of treating periodontal disease, but they are all either surgical or non-surgical.

What Is Nonsurgical Periodontal Treatment?

This type of treatment involves deep cleaning your teeth to help reduce the bacterial load on your teeth and gums. It might also involve the use of oral or topical antibiotics.

Periodontics Treatment El Segundo CA
Periodontics Treatment in El Segundo CA

What Is Surgical Periodontal Treatment?

Advanced periodontal disease requires surgical treatments to help mitigate the damage to your teeth and gums. Examples of surgical periodontal treatments include soft tissue grafting and tooth extractions.

What Is a Deep Cleaning?

A deep cleaning, which is more properly referred to as scaling and root planing, is a nonsurgical procedure that cleans your teeth underneath the gum line down to the roots. It may be all that is necessary to treat gingivitis, but it will be only one step in the treatment of more advanced periodontal disease.

What Is Soft Tissue Grafting?

This is a surgical procedure that seeks to replace some of the gum tissue that has been destroyed by periodontal disease. It does this by taking some tissue from another area and grafting it to the infected location. This is also called gum grafting.

What Are the Benefits of Periodontal Treatment?

Periodontal treatment will reduce the pain and sensitivity of your infected gums. It will reduce the chances of tooth loss and stop the destruction of your gum tissue. It will also reduce the incidence of bad breath and improve the appearance of your smile. Finally, it will improve your overall physical health and reduce your chances of cardiovascular issues, diabetes, and other health problems.

What Happens if I Don’t Undergo Treatment for My Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal disease is progressive. This means that, if left untreated, it will continue to worsen and eventually cause extensive tooth loss. The infection can also spread to the rest of your body and infect areas from your lungs to your pancreas.

Periodontics Treatment El Segundo CA
Periodontics Treatment in El Segundo CA

How Do I Get Started with Periodontal Treatment?

The first step is to come to our office in El Segundo for a consultation. During your consultation, your provider will perform a thorough examination, take x-rays, and create a treatment plan tailored to your specific periodontal issues. We’ll make recommendations to give you the best smile possible.

In addition, you’ll be given a detailed financial breakdown that will show all the costs and what you’ll be expected to pay. There will never be any surprises when you choose El Segundo Modern Dentistry!

How Much Does Periodontal Treatment Cost?

The cost depends on what type of treatment you need. More advanced periodontal disease requires more expensive treatments. Nonsurgical treatments are less expensive than surgical treatments. Your out-of-pocket cost will also depend on what portion of the treatment will be covered by your dental insurance. Please ask us about financing options if you need help paying for your dental care.

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