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Insurance and Financing

Insurance and Financing in El Segundo, CA

Don't delay in getting dental treatment in the South Bay because of costs. At El Segundo Modern Dentistry & Orthodontics, we will work with you to make getting essential dental and orthodontic care affordable. Two of the ways we do this is by working with your dental insurance company as well as offering financing options.

What Is Dental Health Insurance and How Much Does It Cost?

We recommend that all our patients get dental insurance. A dental health insurance plan is different from your general health insurance plan. The cost can often range from anywhere from $15 a month to $30 or more, but dental insurance is a great way to keep your overall costs down. You can get individual or family plans, and, depending on the level of your particular plan, you can either enjoy a lower monthly payment or more benefits.

The Affordable Care Act may provide some dental insurance discounts via the California health insurance exchange.

Insurance and Financing For New Patients In El Segundo CA
Dental Treatment Plans In El Segundo CA

What Is Dental Financing?

Dental financing is very similar to the type of financing you might use to get a new car. Fortunately, dental procedures are far cheaper than getting a new car these days. So, what we do is we work with a third party financing provider to give you a line of credit that enables you to break down your dental or orthodontic lump sum costs and pay monthly. This might require a credit check, but please talk to us for different options depending on your needs.

El Segundo Modern Dentistry & Orthodontics Membership Plan

Patients without dental insurance love our affordable membership plans! With our in-house membership plans, you can receive included benefits, as well as discounts on any additional services you may need in our El Segundo office. You can start saving as soon as you sign up! Click here to learn more and sign up your family:

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El Segundo Modern Dentistry & Orthodontics Membership Plan In El Segundo CA

What Are the Costs for Dental Services in El Segundo?

We strive to make dental services affordable and convenient at El Segundo Modern Dentistry & Orthodontics. Costs for individual services can range from less than $100 to several thousands for a set of full braces.

We take most dental insurance plans, and we will work with your insurance company to come up with the best rates possible for you. As mentioned above, we also offer financing options that will break down your total payments into more convenient monthly payments. This is often the best way to pay for braces or Invisalign® clear aligners as well as more complex restorations, such as total mouth reconstruction.

Want to Know More About Dental Insurance and Financing in El Segundo?

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