Dental Abarasions El Segundo CA

Dental Abrasions

Dental Abrasions El Segundo, CA

Are you suffering from unsightly tooth wear and tear? Dental abrasions can not only have a negative impact on your oral health and comfort, but also on your confidence. At El Segundo Modern Dentistry and Orthodontics, we understand how distressing an unappealing and uncomfortable tooth abrasion can be. That is why we provide specialized dental abrasion treatment to guarantee your smile looks and feels great.

What Causes Dental Abrasions?

Dental abrasions are abnormal wear on a tooth's surface. A dental abrasion typically appears as a v-shaped indent on the bottom of your tooth, near your gums. Many factors and habits can cause dental abrasions, including the following:

  • Habitual use of a hard-bristle toothbrush
  • Using excessive force when brushing teeth
  • Regularly drinking or eating highly acidic foods or beverages
  • Lip or tongue piercings that scratch against your teeth
  • Dentures with improperly fitted dental clasps
Dental Abrasions El Segundo CA
Dental Abrasions Dentist El Segundo CA

What Are the Common Symptoms of Dental Abrasions I Should Know About?

Dental abrasions can seriously harm your oral health and confidence in your smile. Abrasions can progress to harming the tissue and nerves of your tooth and lead to tooth decay. Some symptoms that indicate you may be suffering from dental abrasions are:

  • Increased tooth sensitivity to hot or cold
  • Tooth pain
  • The appearance of small, v-shaped indents on the bottom of your tooth
  • Sore or tender gums

Why is it Essential for El Segundo Modern Dentistry to Address Dental Abrasions?

It is easy to underestimate dental abrasions since they are not a result of dental decay. However, ignoring dental abrasions can lead to dental decay and even gum disease. This is due to the enamel eroding and exposing the dentin, which is the second layer of the tooth. Dentin is quite porous, making it susceptible to acids and bacteria that cause damage and inflame nerves. Furthermore, plaque and food can become stuck in the abrasion concavities, which leads to irritated gums, possible gum disease, and eventual tooth loss.

How Does El Segundo Modern Dentistry Treat Dental Abrasions?

Composite filling material, which is also referred to as composite bonding, is one of the most typical ways to address dental abrasions. First, El Segundo Modern Dentistry and Orthodontics will need to ensure there is no decay before putting the composite into the concavity. Once the composite is in the concavity, we will shape it so that it matches the pattern of your natural tooth. However, some cases may call for a veneer. For example, if a more signification portion of the tooth is exposed, a veneer can be used to cover and protect it.

Dental Abrasions in El Segundo CA
Dental Abrasions Dentist El Segundo CA

What Are Several Ways to Help Prevent Dental Abrasions from Occurring?

With our state-of-the-art technology and our highly trained Dr. Barkhordar, we are prepared to gently and effectively treat any dental abrasion you may suffer from. There are also habits you can implement to help prevent any further dental abrasions:

  • Always use a soft-bristled toothbrush
  • Avoid brushing too hard, and follow Dr. Barkhordar's advice on proper tooth brushing techniques
  • Refrain from biting your nails or chewing on objects such as pencils
  • Ensure your dental appliances fit properly
  • Go in for your routine dental checkup every six months

How Much Does Dental Abrasion Treatment Cost in El Segundo, CA?

There is not a single cost for dental abrasion treatment at our El Segundo office. Depending on your specific policy, dental insurance may or may not help cover some of the expenses. However, we will help you determine your insurance benefits and create a personalized cost estimate. In addition, we offer easy financing and payment plans for our valued California patients!

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