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Are you suffering from uncomfortable tooth loss? Do you miss being able to eat normally and smile with confidence? Dentures are an affordable and natural-looking solution for your tooth loss. At El Segundo Modern Dentistry and Orthodontics, we offer several different kinds of dentures to guarantee that your dentures will fit your individual needs. Do not wait any longer for a comfortable and radiant smile!

What Are Dentures from El Segundo Modern Dentistry?

Dentures are removable replacements for missing or extracted teeth. We offer three different kinds of dentures, and we will work with you to choose the best option:

Partial Dentures
When some of your natural teeth remain, partial dentures are used to fill in gaps left by missing teeth. These removable dentures are held in place by clasps attached to your natural teeth.

Complete Dentures
Complete dentures are used to provide a full set of replacement teeth when all your natural teeth are missing or have been extracted. These can be fully removed for cleaning and adjusting.

Overdentures are held in place by either your natural teeth or dental implants.

Dentures in El Segundo CA
Dentures in El Segundo CA

What Are the Benefits of Dentures from El Segundo Modern Dentistry?

Dentures from El Segundo Modern Dentistry and Orthodontics help patients resume normal activities. Here are some of the top benefits of dentures:

  • Gives you the freedom to painlessly eat the foods you want
  • Allows you to speak and smile just like you used to
  • Provides an affordable solution to tooth loss
  • Gives your jaw and gums vital protection
  • Addresses tooth loss in a way that looks natural

What Can I Expect During the Denture Procedure at El Segundo Modern Dentistry?

The first step towards your new dentures is to come to our modern and comfortable office for a consultation. The consultation includes an x-ray and examination from our experienced Dr. Omid Barkhordar to determine the best treatment plan for you. We will start to create your chosen denture by taking a mold of your mouth. Your denture is then customized to your unique requirements to ensure a secure and natural fit. At the following appointment, your finished denture will be expertly placed, and you will be provided with regular follow-up appointments to guarantee your fit and satisfaction.

What Can I Expect After Receiving New Dentures from El Segundo Modern Dentistry?

Receiving new dentures can feel unnatural at first. For example, there may be an adjustment period to eating and drinking with your new dentures, as well as pronouncing specific sounds and words. However, most patients adjust quite quickly, typically within a few weeks.

Dentures Benefits in El Segundo CA
Dentures Treatment in El Segundo CA

How Can I Properly Care for My New Dentures?

It is essential to properly care for new dentures. We will cover how to care for implant-supported dentures and removable dentures:

Implant-Supported Dentures
Implant-supported dentures are easier to keep clean because they can be treated like your other teeth. However, you may need to use a special kind of toothpaste, so please ask us about it.

Removable Dentures
Removable dentures require more specialized care. When taking them out of your mouth, it is important to cover the sink with a soft towel. Another option is to simply fill it with water. This way, dentures that are accidentally dropped do not hit the hard sink surface and break. Removable dentures should be brushed gently once each day utilizing a special denture cleaner. They will also need to soak overnight in a special solution. However, using lukewarm or room temperature water is ideal since hot water can distort the denture’s shape.

Will I Be Able to Eat and Drink as Normal?

For the most part, patients will be able to eat and drink as usual. However, patients with dentures should avoid hard foods and candy, although they can suck on some items. In addition, habits like drinking coffee and smoking can stain your dentures and natural teeth.

How Much Do Dentures in El Segundo, CA Cost?

The cost of dentures will vary, depending on if the patient needs one or both arches replaced and if dental insurance is involved. Implant-supported dentures are a more expensive solution than removable dentures. However, our El Segundo office offers cost-effective and easy financing and payment solutions designed to meet various budgets!

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