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3D Imaging Technology in El Segundo CA

3D Imaging Technology

3D Imaging Technology El Segundo, CA

At El Segundo Modern Dentistry & Orthodontics, we understand that technology can make patient care a lot better. This is why we have committed to using advanced 3D imaging technology to improve our diagnostics. With more accurate images made possible by 3D technology, we can better diagnose, treat, and personalize dental treatments for you and your family.

What Is 3D Imaging Technology for Dentistry?

3D imaging technology is a modern way to take a picture of your mouth that can be displayed in a “3D” way, where our dentists and orthodontists can see all aspects of the mouth and jaw in a 360 view via computer. Through this exciting imaging technology, our dental team can quickly pinpoint critical oral health issues that might be missed if just the naked eye was used.

How Does 3D Imaging Technology for Dentistry Work?

One of the most common forms of 3D imaging technology in dentistry and orthodontics is CBCT, which is an acronym for Cone Beam Computed Tomography. The name derives from the cone-shaped X-ray beam used to take the image.

A set of 360-degree photos are taken which are used to compile a life-size 3D composite image. This composite image can be easily inspected, scaled, and rotated so that different angles of the teeth, jaw, and surrounding tissues can be examined. Thanks to these 3D images, we can easily calculate the dimensions of the teeth, jaw, and tissues to plan dental and orthodontic treatment.

3D Imaging Technology in El Segundo CA
3D Imaging Technology Used in El Segundo CA

What Is 3D Imaging Technology Used for at El Segundo Modern Dentistry & Orthodontics?

3D imaging technology in El Segundo is extremely helpful in viewing the entire mouth, jaw, and surrounding facial structure such as the sinus cavities. The benefits and applications include:

  • Restorative dentistry
  • Orthodontic treatment
  • Oral surgery
  • Infections
  • TMD / TMJ syndrome
  • Sleep apnea
  • Trauma diagnosis

What Are the Benefits of 3D Imaging Technology in Dentistry?

Modern 3D imaging technology is far superior to the technologies of yesteryear when it comes to viewing the inside of the mouth and diagnosing oral health problems. 3D images are far more accurate, enabling us to do things such as precise dental implant placement. 3D imaging technology is also crucial for planning and implementing full mouth reconstruction.

What Happens During 3D Imaging for Dentistry?

There is no need for special preparation on your part prior to getting 3D images taken. All you need to do is be still while the machine does all of the work. It will move around the head to take pictures from various angles, and you won’t need to worry about a thing.

Am I Exposed to Radiation with 3D Imaging for Dentistry?

Only a tiny bit of radiation is used when we gather 3D images, much less than the radiation generated in a CT scan. We don’t overuse 3D technology to minimize unnecessary exposure. Today’s digital X-rays actually use a lot less radiation than traditional film X-rays commonly used in dental offices safely for many, many decades.

3D Imaging Technology Advantages in El Segundo CA

How Much Does 3D Imaging Technology for Dentistry Cost?

The cost for 3D imaging technology can vary based on your dental health insurance coverage. If you do have dental insurance in California, some of these costs may be covered. Our staff is happy to help you navigate your dental insurance guidelines, and we also offer convenient financing options at El Segundo Modern Dentistry & Orthodontics.

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